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Industry expertise

Knowledge is power. Strategic thinkers who have discovered how to use market intelligence know that by connecting the right dots, it leads them to potential customers, buyers and partners. And importantly, it does so in a cost effective manner.

The youth, student and educational travel market is not a niche industry: Not unless you consider $194 billion dollars per year in revenue, a small market.

While most industries and tourism in general, have suffered because of the global economy, many sectors in the youth, student & educational travel market have actually grown or stayed their ground during this period. In fact, the study abroad sector increased by over 70% during the last eight years.

The reason: young people will always want to travel.  They travel for many reasons. But now, due to the global economy, they need to travel, for education, for work, for experience.

Marketing has come to mean much more than just “how well do you market yourself.” It is equally important to determine, “how well do you know the market?”

The youth travel industry has up until now, lacked the market research and intelligence needed for its members, in the public or private sector, to make informed choices, create and develop policy and develop strategic direction.

In simple words, we help institutions with:

  • internationalization and expansion
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • justification of investments and investment-related 
  • increasing enrollments
  • diversification of youth & student bodies


StudentMarketing provides comprehensive youth travel, international education and real estate alternative asset classes industry analyses and strategic development solutions. We enable you to cost effectively pinpoint new investments and investment-related decisions, enrollment opportunities, create policy, improve strategic decision-making and increase your international youth & student population.


Our mission is to help organisations of all sizes, from the private operator to the large NTO, to the investors and investment funds, to the government agency, leverage the facts, insight and strategic development services they need to succeed by providing high level Market Data & Analyses and Business Solutions.

Our research is the result of a relentless pursuit of information; we monitor over 600 sources of industry information. We have dedicated resources to create cost effective surveys and analyses, as well as evaluate your prospects, customers and competitors, then to prepare and implement the best business solution, all to make your organisation grow at international youth travel market.

Market Data & Analyses

  • benchmarking
  • market evaluation
  • trend analysis and insight
  • strategy paper
  • customer preferences
  • competitive analysis
  • source markets and best partners
  • price research
  • booking channels
  • brand performance
  • M&A intelligence
  • SWOT analysis
  • supply
  • due dilligence
  • top cities and destinations
  • product development
  • internal data & infrastructure audit
  • custom research

Business Solutions

  • Trade Missions
  • Fam Tours
  • Agent Recruitment
  • Online Marketing