Looking To Capitalise On Opportunities in Emerging Markets?

May 14th 2012

Tap into expert knowledge and use the right approach, says leading research and business development consultancy StudentMarketing.

Global youth tourism and educational travel is a dynamic and exciting business to be in.  The global youth travel industry is currently worth USD 173 billion per annum and is expected to burgeon to USD 320 billion by 2020.* 
Much of this growth is coming from new source markets and many organisations are looking to find students and young travellers in regions and countries which are new to them but which offer great potential.   Opportunities are many in emerging markets - but navigating an efficient route to sourcing business and successful recruitment is challenging and raises many issues:
Where should you focus your efforts?
How do you identify the right countries or region? 
What kind of volume can you expect? 
What types of student are you looking for and where will you find them?  
What direction should you take? 
Using advanced research techniques and proven methodology, StudentMarketing helped The Canadian Association of Public Schools – International (CAPS-I) address these specific challenges. 
First, we identified the highest growth source markets for the K-12 sector, then we analyzed Canada's representation in those markets, so institutions could see where the untapped potential lay.  We followed this analysis with our proven approach model which provides practical guidance on how to select and break into new markets and an overview of the most effective marketing platforms to best achieve this.
StudentMarketing was invited to present at the CAPS-I Annual Conference (April 29 – May 2, 2012 in Vancouver) as the research based approach can help school districts and institutions to orientate in target markets and thus grow their business.