Market Trends

June 2010, Samuel Vetrak for Your World on Monday:

"After eight years of doing business in Eastern Europe, my desk is busier than ever.

We provide local market expertise and use it for the benefit of education providers to empower their student recruitment in this region. The market has already reached the level where studying abroad is no longer a prestigious matter for the rich and has now become a common interest of many students looking for an experience abroad. Now, imagine Eastern Europe delivers above 500,000 international students a year and the market is far from reaching its full potential: my prognosis is that it can double in 10 years.

Work experience programs were the most preferable choice in Eastern Europe some time ago. The wind is changing, however, and other programmes are becoming more popular. As the Eastern European economies are doing well (students can now afford almost three times more than in 2000), students have less motivation to earn money abroad. Internships, language courses, university preparation and tertiary education also fill the agents’ portfolios now.

Most of all, studying English abroad has become very trendy and English is extremely needed in this region; small nations have no other option should they wish to succeed in the global market – and many Western brands have moved their production and development centres to Eastern Europe. Thus, Eastern Europeans are shopping abroad for solid language acquisition and education. In fact, there seem to be some 15.5 per cent year-to-date growth in language travel in this region.

Eastern Europe is heating up. Even though it is a tough market to reach due to the many languages and cultures spoken, this region is without a doubt becoming a major source for international recruitment and attractting educational providers looking to get the most out of this unique market opportunity. No wonder my desk is busier than ever."