Study in Alberta Trade Mission 2012

April 21st Kiev - April 23rd Lviv

Canadian government body promotes Canadian Education International with successful trade missions to Europe by Alberta Education.

Education in Canada is recognized internationally for its quality, the achievements of its students, and for the diverse learning opportunities offered at its schools and institutions. Canadian government bodies are increasingly promoting Canadian education internationally, and Alberta Education – government body of the Ministry of Education in the Canadian province of Alberta  - has boosted this process with Study in Alberta trade missions to Europe.

Two of these outreach missions have taken place in Kiev (Hotel Riviera, April 21, 2012) and Lviv (Hotel Opera, April 23, 2012), Ukraine , in collaboration with StudentMarketing, a youth travel consultancy based in Vienna, Austria. The missions promote Alberta’s K-12 schools which, with an investment of more than 30 million Canadian dollars every school day, are among the best funded in Canada.

Ukraineis a natural choice for the trade missions, given that 1 in 10 Albertans are of Ukrainian descent; Ukrainians are the fourth largest minority in Alberta. With Alberta recently celebrating the 120th anniversary of Ukrainian settlement in the province, the timing of these events could not  be better.

11 educators representing 9 districts of ‘Sunny’  Alberta, as it is commonly known,  experienced less sunshine in Ukraine but took advantage of the opportunity to meet key local agency representatives which were  - according to participating school district representatives  - “very well selected”, and expertly balanced.

In his opening presentation, Canadian immigration officer James Miklos stated that the K-12 market in Ukraine is currently small; but expressed his confidence in the success of the mission and in such government-led activities continuing in future. The high approval rate for K-12 student visa applications at the Canadian Embassy in Kiev is promising for the local agencies that participated in the event, and provides a good basis for their promotion of the Alberta schools.

“Naturally, we cannot yet predict the future outcome of our mission here in Ukraine, but it went really well and we see this as building a strong foundation for the continuation of our relations with Ukraine, and in building the connections which will help attract Ukrainian students to Alberta,  starting at the K-12 level,” concluded Waldemar Riemer, Director of International Education Services with Alberta Education, and main coordinator of Alberta education’s trade mission to Ukraine.