FAM Tours

Seeing is believing, and there is nothing like a FAM Tour to turn an agent into a firm believer – in you and your products.

FAM Tours allow you to showcase your school or programme directly to potential partners. Your partners will become more knowledgeable, confident and motivated to promote your business once they have experienced first hand your location, programs and most importantly your staff.

Our FAM Tour Services

Professionally designed programme and recruitment for you, with complete event management and agent marketing. You reach the top agencies with highest volume potential, and you let us organise all the itineraries and logistics to save you time and money.

Well organized FAM Tours can reach the highest ROI of all marketing platforms demonstrating yielding anywhere from 20% - 50% instant increases in sales.

If you are:

  • An individual institution
  • A group of institutions or providers
  • An association
  • A national tourism board
  • A destination management organisation
  • A governmental department or agency

And you would like to welcome agencies to visit you, sufficiently pre-selected in sufficient numbers, with all the logistics organised, let us organise your next FAM Tour.

How it works

Agencies and potential partners are selected based on your needs and goals. Fam tours for your prospects are arranged and booked by StudentMarketing. Together, we create an itinerary for your guests that best showcases your school and programmes.  

  • 25 pre-selected educational agencies
  • Decision makers invited only (executive or consulting staff)
  • Participation of governmental authorities (optional)
  • 1.5 hour slots of in-school visits (per locations)
  • Tour and presentation of the institution
  • Customised programmes per school available
  • Networking dinner at the end of the day
  • Complete event and travel management
  • Comprehensive recruitment of educational agencies
  • Media coverage and PR support
  • Logistics and support


  • 4 months from time of order.
  • Offered for all destinations, especially for receiving markets in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, or South Africa.

Price range

From EUR 1,950 per institution per location

What some of our clients think about FAM Tours?

"Bringing more than 25 agents from all over the world to Canada for them to discover our schools is no small feat, and one that would have been difficult to accomplish so successfully without Student Marketing's insight, intelligence and logistics expertise.  Agents were well selected and schools were happy with the size, scope and professionalism of the group. Agents enjoyed their visit and had a lot of fun discovering Canada.  The logistics were well organized and hiccups were dealt with seamlessly for participants."  


"What speaks volumes about the quality of this Fam Tour, however, is that only days after the end of the fam tour, schools had already signed agreements with some of the agents that had participated. We could hardly have hoped for a better outcome."

Guillaum Dubreuil
Manager, International Affairs and Marketing
Languages Canada
Click here to see a sample of FAM Tour invitation.