Trade Mission

Take advantage of your very own Trade Mission to travel to and meet face to face with selected buyers, agencies, local officials and embassies in the country of your choice. StudentMarketing arranges complete trade mission for you, your entire trip, including all travel, hotels, media coverage, local authorities, agent meetings and networking.


Trade Mission includes:

  • 60 meetings with top buyers
  • and agent representatives
  • meetings with embassy and government reps
  • market intelligence seminars
  • networking events
  • complete event and travel management
  • media support - coverage and press releases


  • Trading, Networking, Knowledge Sharing - 3 in 1 Platform
  • Bespoke platform (pre-selection destination and agencies)
  • In-source market location (closer to source market)
  • Highly effective: 1 week, 3 locations, 60 meetings, top representatives, embassy meetings
  • Value point: ca 30-50% productive meetings
  • Price point: EUR 40 per meeting

If you are:

  • A governmental agency
  • An international or national association
  • A national tourism organisation
  • A destination management organisation
  • A trade and event organiser
  • An international brand or chain

And you want to:

  • Profile your stakeholders in an important source market
  • Introduce your members to high quality decision makers able to deliver

Trade Missions provide you with 30% - 50% productive face to face meetings and strong sales outcome afterwards. And creating a dedicated Trade Mission not only enables you to target specific organisations and decision makers in a select region, but also demonstrates the power and prestige of your organisation and its stakeholders.

Price range:

From EUR 1,950 per institution/location.

What our clients think about Trade Missions?

"CAPS-I's mission to Turkey, the organization's first exploratory mission to an emerging market, has already proven to be a success. All participants connected with very promising agent partners in both Istanbul and Ankara."

"StudentMarketing's experience in facilitating this type of mission shone through as they were able to anticipate and mitigate the necessary last minute scheduling changes. Their attention to detail and finer logistics ensured all activities ran smoothly and efficiently. Communication was always quick, clear and comprehensive. It was an absolute pleasure to work with StudentMarketing on this initiative over the past year and I hope to have an opportunity to do so again in the near future."

Bonnie McKie 

Executive Director

Canadian Association of Public Schools - International (CAPS-I)


Download a Trade Mission flyer here or contact us for a free quote, and bring your community to the marketplace.