Market & Investment Intelligence

Knowledge is power

If you want the market to know you, you need to know the market. If there’s something you need to know, and don’t, we can help you find out.

Having a comprehensive overview of the market and competition is essential when developing your own business strategies and market responses. Knowing what works and doesn’t can save you time and money.

StudentMarketing has a global market presence and knowledge which allows for providing strategic advisory and strategic plans for international student recruitment.

The company creates custom bespoke market and investment research reports, using its own in-house updated Market & Investment Intelligence, tailored specifically to your needs and budget. Industry analysis that enables you to examine and better understand your sector, your customers and your organisation’s future-potential.

If you are a:

  • governmental agency
  • investor or investment fund
  • developer or operator
  • international or national association
  • national tourism organisation
  • DMO or CVB
  • trade and event organiser
  • media
  • international brand or chain

And you desire specific market information to:

  • take advantage of custom research
  • gain a competitive advantage
  • max your sales and ROI outcome
  • develop a strategic market-entry, expansion or marketing approach
  • achieve maximum market know-how with minimum investment

Our team is capable to conduct custom targeted and strategic research on-demand that can move your organisation forward and yield as much as 25-50% increases in sales within three years.

Research Range

  • Investment reports (country, city or district level)
  • Distribution of demand and supply (country, city or district level)
  • Product research
  • Profiles of companies
  • Price research
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk analysis
  • Choice modelling
  • Case studies
  • Comparative analyses
  • Vetting agencies
  • Due diligence
  • Customer analysis
  • Database cleaning/upgrade
  • Surveys (online, phone, live)

In following areas:

  • benchmarking
  • market evaluation
  • trend analysis and insight
  • strategy paper
  • customer preferences
  • competitive analysis
  • source markets and best partners
  • price research
  • booking channels
  • brand performance
  • M&A intelligence
  • SWOT analysis
  • supply
  • due dilligence
  • top cities and destinations
  • product development
  • internal data & infrastructure audit
  • custom research


Our customised reports are delivered within 2-12 weeks from date of order.

Individual prices range from EUR 4,800 - 10,000.

Package prices range from EUR 10,000 - 40,000.

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"StudentMarketing was tasked with providing our company with a comprehensive report about the worldwide Sport & Language market for junior students. The level of cooperation and professionalism from StudentMarketing was very high. It has provided us with a much better understanding of the marketplace, and has allowed us to formulate a better marketing strategy. We recommend StudentMarketing as a Market Intelligence and Market Research specialist."

Tony Wright, Managing Director, CMT Learning, Manchester United Soccer Schools, UK