How to find suitable agencies in China

One of the biggest challenges IEPs, K-12 and HE institutions have been facing in China is the quality of educational agencies they meet and work with.

With over 1,000 educational agencies in China (excluding branches), we understand it can be challenging to find and partner with agencies who are professional, reliable and provide quality guidance to students.

That is even more important in current market situation, when provincial licensing for Chinese educational agencies was abolished earlier this year.

Leading IEPs, K-12 and HE institutions have undertaken various recruitment trips to China, and are frequently faced with common tough decisions:

  • Which city should I visit?
  • Which agency should I meet?
  • How to find these agencies?
  • How should my approach differ in Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 cities?

Many of these decisions are made based on rather limited market intelligence.

As a leader in market intelligence we were approached by a number of prominent IEPs, K-12 and HE institutions to consult on how best to approach the Chinese market. Our Chinese based experts assessed their needs and compared it against the performance profile of hundreds of agencies that our team regularly talks to and monitors. As a result we provided strategic advice on which cities and agencies to visit, as well as which representatives would be best to co-operate with.

We are providing a guide of how to strategically approach the market. To receive this market knowledge sample please see below:


We can tailor the approach to the market depending upon your needs, and the partners that you would need to reach. For more information please feel free to contact us directly.


StudentMarketing provides reliable, high-quality and in-field market assistance for any IEP, K-12 or Higher Education institutions with desire to achieve their goals in the Chinese market.

StudentMarketing offers the following services in China:

  • Preparation of basic market briefs
  • Preparation and/or execution of complex recruitment and marketing strategies
  • Finding reliable agent and school partners
  • Finding and training Chinese recruitment managers for your institution
  • Representation at local student fairs
  • Organizing sales visits to meet suitable partners (individual visit, training or trade mission)
  • Establishing your online presence and marketing in the Chinese online space

StudentMarketing is a well-established service provider in China

In order to increase support and service levels inside as well as outside of China for the benefit of the whole international education industry, StudentMarketing is partnering with BOSSA, Beijing Overseas Study Service Association, a government-affiliated industry association of member academic recruitment agencies. More information about BOSSA can be found here.

Meanwhile, you can find useful guide on the Chinese student market in The PIE Insider, a market snapshot project we are preparing in cooperation with The PIE News:

StudentMarketing & The PIE News on China: