How to find suitable agencies in China


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The staggering economic growth of China over the last three decades has transformed Higher Education around the globe.

With growing levels of wealth, rising disposable incomes and 350 million middle class citizens comes a greater focus on quality education. However, as we are working on a daily basis with over 1,000 educational agencies in China we understand very well that it can be challenging for Higher Education institutions to find agencies which are professional, reliable, and provide quality guidance to students.

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Many international student officers have undertaken recruitment trips to China, and found themselves facing tough decisions when choosing both the right locations and agencies to work with. In fact, evaluations in standard meet-and-greet scenarios are usually based on rather limited market intelligence. Most of the time, there is a lack of complex research on agency background & performance indicators such as:

  • Location
  • Focus and portfolio
  • Interest in sending both groups and individuals
  • Destination focus
  • Size and productivity
  • Credentials
  • Industry experience and reputation
  • References

Request your guide of how to strategically approach the Chinese market here:


We are a well-established independent research company in the Chinese market. Over our ten years of regional experience we have gained remarkable influence and formed many strategic partnerships across the industry.

From setting up individual sales trips to organizing roadshows, complex events, trade missions or fam tours, we are ready to help you to transform your current overseas recruitment plans into real numbers.


StudentMarketing provides reliable, high-quality and in-field market assistance for any ELT/IEP, K-12 or Higher Education institutions with desire to achieve their goals in the Chinese market.

StudentMarketing offers the following services in China:

  • Preparation of basic market briefs
  • Preparation and/or execution of complex recruitment and marketing strategies
  • Finding reliable agent and school partners
  • Finding and training Chinese recruitment managers for your institution
  • Representation at local student fairs
  • Organizing sales visits to meet suitable partners (individual visit, training or trade mission)
  • Establishing your online presence and marketing in the Chinese online space

StudentMarketing is a well-established service provider in China

In order to increase support and service levels inside as well as outside of China for the benefit of the whole international education industry, StudentMarketing is partnering with BOSSA, Beijing Overseas Study Service Association, a government-affiliated industry association of member academic recruitment agencies. More information about BOSSA can be found here.